I am a full time artist working in wood.  I am immersed in making art works and art furniture, exploiting all the sensibilities and skills honed over 3 decades as a cabinetmaker producing residential and commercial work for private clients, contractors and architects throughout Los Angeles.

I have had a strong affinity for trees and wood throughout my life.  In my late teens I came across the driftwood drenched shores along the Southern Oregon coast for the first time and found my imagination going wild with possibilities. Many years back, here in L.A., I began to keep an eye out for trees, either fallen or being cut, and began to collect and mill those finds.  Or pulling charred Manzanita roots and other wood debris off the local beaches after big winter storms washed hillsides and buildings into the sea.  These finds have traveled with me from shop to shop over several decades.  Now there moment has arrived.

No longer hidden backstage, this collection is being turned into one of a kind sculptural functional and art pieces.  It seems as if I cannot discriminate between woods, instead combining them in a way that is far from traditional woodworking, but ideally attuned to the affinity I have for the various types now at my disposal.

The moment has arrived where my skills, passion and voice have all ignited.  The former cabinetry based activities and shop have been transformed into an artists studio and though utilizing the same space, tools and many of the same materials, nothing being done currently resembles the work I use to produce.

The first works were experiments with cubes, spheres, boards and boxes.  Then I found myself drawn into the organic shapes and lines of the live edges and shapes coming directly from the trees.  I am meandering a path, improvising and experimenting as I go, the process and ideas continuously refining.  The emphasis is on showcasing the diversity of patterns, colors and natural beauty and soulfulness of the wood itself by juxtaposing them alongside each other in a variety of continually evolving shapes.